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Today, the Nursery class started their English off with reading and responding to their names. They are excellent at recognizing names and enjoy shouting them out.

After everyone had said “here,” they sang the “Hello” song,

and then talked about how they felt. They clapped their hands when they were happy,

stamped their feet when angry, said “oh no” when scared,

and, finally, took a nap when sleepy.

The children love doing the actions along with the song “If You’re Happy.”

When they had settled down, they looked at this month’s vocabulary.  For this, they played a movement game. They walked, jumped, and twirled to some music, and when it stopped, they had to find the correct card.

They focused on walking to the card, and sharing with other children by standing on the edge of the card.

Finally, the children looked at the letters ‘Yy’ and ‘Zz’ in their workbooks.

They recognized the letters well, and gave the words that go with them a good go, but they wanted to color.

With the coloring finished, everyone said a big “good-bye,” and that was the end of the lesson.

Everyone did very well and gave the activities good energy. Great job, everybody.
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