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☆Kinder 3☆


Today, the Kinder 3 class had their first lesson since their graduation, so we asked them about it. “Did you enjoy graduation?” “What did you do after graduation?”

Everyone had good fun graduating, though some were a bit sad. It was emotional for all there. As for what they did after, many went to a sushi restaurant. Sounds like a good day.

After that, we did some warm-up actions and said hello. They do enjoy walking around the circle, and all the subsequent actions.

For the first activity, we practiced saying ‘excuse me’. We made two teams, one sat at one end of the room,

and the other team formed a line in front of them. This team first had to choose who had “the ball.”

Once “the ball” was given, and the children lined up, on of the children from the first team would walk up to the line.

If they chose someone without “the ball,” the person said “I’m sorry,” and let them pass. If they chose someone with “the ball,” then the two children would swap places.

It was a fun game and the children spoke very well.  We followed the activity by singing “The Wheels on the Bus.” The children can sing nicely and enjoy doing the actions.

Next was numbers. We played “Hungry Hippos.”

They were given a color of ball to collect and then a countdown. When they heard “go,” the picked as many balls of that color as they could.

When the round ended, they counted their balls. We then took the two highest ball counts and multiplied them together. For example, 3x3=9. They do well with sums and enjoy the challenge.

To end the lesson, we looked at the alphabet. They chose some letters and were then asked to make a 3 letter word from them.

After some laughs trying to pronounce “nkt,” they spelt one.

From this, we expanded.

This can be tricky due to the different sounds of “one,” “tone,” and “gone.” They do, however, enjoy making words and trying to pronounce them.

And with that, the lesson was finished. We sang good-bye and the children enjoyed some playtime. They had good fun and were enthusiastic with their gameplay and speaking.

Great job, everyone.
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