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The Nursery class started their week with some movement. Walking, slowly the faster,

jumping, slowly then faster.

They ended with some running, and in between each action the children would stop.

They really are getting the hang of stopping very well.

After the children had sat down they sang the “Hello” song.

They still find singing along a bit tricky, but try well, and they love doing the actions.

When they had finished the song, the children read their names and responded with “Here” when their name was called. They can recognize most of the classes names, which is excellent, and always give a big “Here” if verbal.

They moved on to singing and moving their fingers to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” They are moving their fingers nicely and forming good “diamonds in the sky.”

Some very energetic stars.

Once they had calmed down, they practiced some counting. First, they counted to 10 on their fingers. Then they used blocks to see how high a tower they could build.

First, a little demonstration, then it was their turn.

The lesson ended with them listening to a reading of “Clouds, Clouds, Where are you from?” A young boy looked up at the sky and saw animal shaped clouds and thought about where the animals came from.

The children listened well and sometimes called out the names of animals they knew. The children did very well today. Dancing and performing actions, and speaking as much as they could.

Great job, everyone. Keep it up.
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