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Hello, and a big welcome from the new Nursery class of 2024~25.  The new Nursery children spent the first week getting used to the class and their new classmates, and the English instructor.

For the second week, the children listened to English songs. They started with the “Hello song.” The objective was for the children to get used to English songs being on in the background and the instructor singing and doing the actions.

They did excellently well, listening and copying some actions. Especially with the feelings song. They liked performing angry.

They moved on to “One Little Finger.” Again, the children listened and the teachers would help them by touching the correct body parts.

They would be shown their nose,

along with their head, chin, arms, legs.  Sometimes they would touch the correct part, in this case their foot/leg.

With their head, leg, and arm, they would get some help.

The children also practiced “Peek’a’Boo.” They had good fun watching the instructor.

The children did exceptionally well. They enjoyed the songs and some performed the actions well. They are having fun and settling in nicely.
Great job, everyone. Do enjoy your English activities.

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