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Today, the Pre-kinder class had a shorter English lesson due to a lovely planned walk in the morning sun. So, the children started by saying hello to each other.

The children are starting to sing, but really enjoy waving hello.

They said hello to the instructor and went in for a high touch.

And for those who didn’t want to come to the instructor, well, the instructor came to them.

The Easter event day is coming up soon, so the children got a nice egg to decorate. First, they were shown the new crayons they will be using this year.

Once they had seen the crayons, the instructor demonstrated coloring the egg.

There was some excitement in the air.

With the demonstration over, the children took their seats and were given an egg.

Then, with new crayon in hand, they started coloring.

The instructor would ask them about the color they were using and get them to say the color.

Everyone had fun and drew very well.

They were happy to show off their work.

The eggs and crayons were collected, practicing “Here you are,” when handing things over.

The last thing to do was to wash their hands before their walk.

The children did excellently with their eggs and had some interesting designs. Great job, everyone.
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