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☆Kinder 2☆


Today, the Kinder 2 class started their lesson by making a circle. To some music, of course.

They made a big circle, a small circle, a circle that moved round a round, and finally a circle that went up and down. Then they sat down.

With a circle made, the children sang “Walk Around the Circle.” They had fun walking, galloping, and sleeping.

Then hopping, twirling, then both at the same time. This is a favorite activity of the children and they naturally followed this by singing the “Hello” song. Make sure the circle is good.

Nice. They enjoyed clapping and stamping their feet,

as well as stretching up, and touching their toes.

Next, the children’s names were placed in front of them.

When their name was called, they had to answer with a loud “Here!”

Then find and pick up their name card. Recognizing their name in English needs practice.

Some found their name straight away, whilst others found it a bit trickier.

However, with a little help they found the right card.


Once all the children had their names, they were asked to line up.

They then returned their name card saying “Here you are,” as they did so.

After the cards were returned, it was time for another song. “Open, Close them.” Again, the children had to sing and perform the actions. First, clapping for closing,

then, gesturing ‘big’ and ‘small’,

rolling their hands ‘fast’ and ‘slow’,

Part of the song practiced ‘over’ and ‘under’, which can be a bit difficult to understand. So, we played a little game. The children had to pass the instructor a stuffed toy. If they were told “Over,” they passed it over a table.

If they were told “Under,” then they passed it under the table.

Then the children had to choose how the toy was passed back, over or under.

They got the concept fairly quickly, with ‘over’ being a firm favorite for the children.

Lastly, they practiced their alphabet. Once they sang the ABC song, they sat at their tables. Their books were placed on the floor in front of them. Again, they had to recognize their name and choose the correct book.

They then opened their books to the page instructed. This they did well.

Today, they were practicing, and coloring, the letter ‘Bb’, for ‘bus’.

When finished, the children passed back their books and colored pencils, then ended by singing goodbye.

Today was a lot of listening and following instructions. The children did very well and enjoyed the activities and singing. Great job, everyone.

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