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Good afternoon everybody!

Today was a super fun day with our kinder 1 class! Like every lesson we started the day with practicing making a circle ⭕️. Today they did such a great job at changing from a line to a circle, we were really impressed! Of course when we make a circle we have to practice making it big and small.

Today we focused a lot on our English words for the month. This month we are talking about time! For example English time, snack time, play time. This month words we can use everybody so they are easy to practice and use. I hope they can use them at home sometimes too!

To have some fun today we did our baby shark song! First we reviewed the different shark family members then we had a lot of fun swimming around  the room singing and dancing to the song. It’s always one of their favorite moments.

Today they did such a great job! Saying goodbye was difficult because we didn’t want to leave. The good news is we will have another lesson on Monday! We are excited to see you again!


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