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Today, the Pre-kinder class started by singing hello and then reading and responding to their names. If they were in class they were encouraged to raise their hand and say “hello.”

Some were a bit shy, others were more exuberant.

Most were happy saying “here” and enjoying a celebratory touch.

After that, the children moved on to feelings. They looked at face cards and said the feeling the face expressed. Happy, sad, angry, sleepy were easy for them.

After practicing the words, the children sang “This is my Happy Face,” and performed the faces that matched the feeling.

Sleepy is always fun, but they also enjoyed surprised, excited, and silly faces.

With faces back to normal, the children looked at daily activity vocabulary. First, they practiced the words.

Some said the vocab themselves, which was great, whilst others either repeated or listened. They then played a touch game in which they had to touch the card they heard.

They were encouraged to say the vocab, but if repeating was tricky, touching was equally celebrated. A little help was always available to those who needed it.

The last round was a bit harder, the cards were turned over and the children had to look closely to see what to touch.

They gave it a good effort and enjoyed seeing what they had chosen. When we were finished, everyone said goodbye to the cards.

To end the lesson, the children sang and danced to the “Body Bop Bop Song.” A very energetic dance, the children really give it their all.

A great way to finish. We sang the goodbye song,

and everyone settled in for the rest of their morning.

The children of the Pre-kinder class are becoming more verbal, and those who are a little reticent are performing actions well.
Step by step, the children are doing well. Keep it up.
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