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Hello from the Kinder 3 classroom!

Every day we look forward to what activities the English teachers will prepare. Today, the lesson started with a game called "Cops and Robbers" where the students try to catch the "robbers" and put them into "jail"!

When the students are caught in the jail, they can shout "Help me!" at their team mates to get out, which makes the game even more fun! The "cops" practice saying "Got you!" when they catch someone.

After a fun game to get their bodies warmed up, the students start to work on this month's rotating element. In July, they worked with toy clocks to move the minute hand and hour hand and practiced saying "What time is it?" and responding with "It's 5 o'clock".

Everyone knows how to use all of the hour numbers on the clock, 1 - 12! They are very good at taking turns and working together in small groups.

One of their favorite games is "What time is it, Mr. Wolf?". In this game, our English teacher becomes Mr. Wolf and they have to ask him "What time is it?". When he answers with "It's 5 o'clock" or "It's 10 o'clock", then the students have to count the number of steps out loud and move towards him.

Once they start to get close enough, he will answer the question with "It's dinner time!" and chase them to the back of our playroom. The lucky students that don't get caught then get to become Mr. Wolf for the next round of the game!

For the last part of the English lesson, the students use large and small flashcards in a fun game to review language for the month.

For this game, the teacher puts the big flash cards on the ground and the students have to try and match them up with a smaller version of the flash card.

The goal is to match the pictures together and say the sentence "It's a hamburger!" as quickly as they can!

Every day we look forward to practicing and learning more English!

See you next time!
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