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Hello from the Pre-Kinder classroom!

Last month our theme was "food" and so our English teacher decided to have the kids make some cotton candy!

First the kids started by tearing apart small squares of cotton to create the fluffy texture of cotton candy. They loved being able to feel how soft it was and use their fingers to pull it apart into small pieces.

"Wow! It's soft" "It's fluffy!"

The students were very focused on the task of tearing it into small enough pieces to fit!

Some of the students weren't sure how to feel about the texture, but they enjoyed being able to stick it onto their plates with glue!

Once they finished tearing up all of the pieces, they stuck them onto their plates and used a mixture of paint and water to make the color of the cotton candy.

The students loved being able to practice their finger dexterity by using a small brush to drop the paint onto the cotton candy, but the most fun was using their hands to spread the paint!

They spread around the paint on the plates until it became a delicious cotton candy! There was blueberry, strawberry and lemon flavored cones!

Stay tuned for our next fun English activity!

See you next time~!
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