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Hello from the Nursery class!

Today the weather was very rainy and humid, so the students were unable to go outside and play. Instead, they had fun working on their finger dexterity while using stickers and also used their NOVA Workbooks!

Our students are very independent and they love working hard on their own to figure out difficult things!

Nursery students are 1-2 years old so they love using their fingers to grip small things and to color!

Today they started to practice recognizing the letters in their names, so they wrote them out with big crayons and listened to the teacher spell it out for them.

Once the students were finished using all of the stickers they wanted on their papers, the workbooks came out! Today the focus letter was "C" which was a great shape to practice for our Nursery students!

"Hurray! I got the green crayon!"

While the students practice their coloring and the phonics, they also practice their color names! We encourage them to repeat the sound for the colors and to try to tell the teacher what color they want to use next.

Today was a review page in the workbook so the students got to go over every word they learned this past month! Of all the words, their favorite one was definitely cat!

Every time the students use their workbooks they get a little bit better at holding their crayons, saying their colors and mimicking new sounds!

We are looking forward to how much they can grow in the next month!

Until next time~!
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