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Hello from the Kinder 1 classroom!

The weather is slowly getting cooler and cooler and the days are growing shorter and shorter, which means fall is almost here! Before we said goodbye to summer for the year, we decided to celebrate with some beautiful fireworks!

"What is it?" "Are they bubbles?"

"If you feel on this side, there's something sticking out!"

Surprise! We used different types of bubble wrap that had been cut into circles and squares for our summer fireworks craft. To maximize the dark blue paper, we used white, red and yellow paints together!

Since in Kinder 1 the students have pretty good motor skills, they were able to pick up the bubble wrap pieces and press them directly into the mixed up paint. They had to make sure to push gently enough to not break the bubbles, but firmly enough to get a good amount of paint!

Our Kinder 1 students are very good at sharing, so they were able to easily work together to get the most out of our paint trays!

"You should use this side! It has more paint."

"Wow it's so pretty!"

Our sponges provided a perfect grip for little Kinder 1 hands and let our students work with many different shapes and textures. If they pressed down very hard they got a big circle, but if they only pushed on it lightly it had a different shape!

The great thing about the bubble wrap is that it makes a very distinct pattern, so our students had a lot of fun pressing it into the paper in different ways to see how best to create their own firework shape!

Peeling back the bubble wrap was sometimes satisfying for our students than pressing it down! Look at those beautiful fireworks!

Now that August is over and we are moving on into September, we will be able to look up at our beautiful fireworks and remember the hot summer nights!

Look forward to what the Kinder 1 kids do next!

See you~!
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