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Hello today from the Pre-Kinder classroom!

This weekend is the long awaited Sports Day, and our students have been practicing tirelessly every day!

Today we had a rehearsal with the older Kinder 2 students, so our pre-kinder students practiced being good listeners! They watched the performance quietly and made sure to cheer on their friends!

Every time we practice for the foot race, the Pre-Kinder students raise their hand when their name is called and respond in a loud, clear voice! When we say "Ready, set... go!" they give it their all to run as fast as they can!

For the Sports Day they are also doing a very cute dance to the music of "Heigh Ho". They have a lot of fun practicing their dancing with big smiles on their faces!

To commemorate the event, they took a special picture that they will be putting up in their classroom so make sure to stop by to take a look!

See you next time~!
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