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Hello today from the Kinder 3 classroom~!

Our Kinder 3 students love English time with Andres because they get to move around the classroom with a lot of different activities.

First they start in a big circle and practice introduction questions.

"What's your name?" or "How old are you?" are questions we try to practice daily because they are so important! Every month our students are able to ask and answer the question a little bit faster!

Since our class size is so big, the class often splits up into smaller groups so that everyone gets a chance to practice.

"Find a partner and ask them their name!"

Next up - the weather! Our students are pros now at asking "How's the weather today?" and they always have the right word for an answer! Thankfully, today was a beautiful sunny day so they got to say their favorite "It's sunny!"

One of their favorite games is called "musical hoops". Andres will play some music and the selected students will walk around in the classroom.

When the music stops, those students have to ask "How's the weather?" and one of the students will choose a weather word in secret that the class has to say out loud! "It's rainy!"

The first person to stand in the correct colored hoop is the winner!

At this age the students enjoy collaborative games and competitive games equally so we are learning how to be happy even when our team doesn't get the point.

Now it's time for the alphabet! The students race to line up the alphabet cards as fast as they can with the help of their teammates. We practice using English the whole time to help with the phonics of the card.

"E, e elephant!" "Where is m, m monkey?"

Great job, Kinder 3! After all that hard work, everyone is ready for a quick break. (∪。∪) 。。。zzz

See you next time~!
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