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☆Kinder 1☆


Hello from the Kinder 1 classroom~!

This month we have been very busy working on our performance for the School Festival. The class has been preparing a popular song in Japanese as well as a cute Penguin Dance to show their guardians at the end of the month, and every time we practice they get a little bit better!

Now that we are getting closer to the performance, we practiced putting on our scarves today! Every child got to choose their own color. 😲

"I want blue" "It's green!" ~~

During the performance some of our students will be making some special announcements -- completely in English!! They have practiced and practiced and are very excited about their special role!  o(●´ω`●)o♪

The penguin dance is all about different body parts - head, right leg, left leg, left arm, right arm... And even turning around! Our Kinder 1 students have mastered the penguin walk, and there's even a special surprise at the end of the performance! (*^▽^*)

Hurray!! We can't wait for the day of the School Festival to arrive and for us to be able to show off our hard work in front of our loved ones.

Stay tuned~!
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