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Hello today from the Nursery class~~!

Today was a beautiful sunny day, so the nursery class decided to go on an adventure and explore the park close to the school!

"It's cold!"

They enjoyed squishing the snow with their boots and picking it up with their gloves!

The nursery class loves to climb, and the snow presented a great challenge for them!

After playing in the snow, we came back into the classroom to practice a little bit of our favorite songs and actions!

For "One Little Finger", we are learning the different names of body parts and our students have gotten to the point where they can remember most of them!

"Put it on your. . . head!"

They also practice putting their fingers up, and down, and up, and down. . .

Now put it on your chin!

The nursery class is loving this song, so try it at home with them as well! (^^♪

See you next time~~!
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