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Hello today from Kinder 3~!

Today we were lucky enough to have one of the other teachers at the school come in to do a short lesson with our students! The students always look forward to this time because they never know what it will be about!

To begin with, the students had a discussion about how much water their family uses in a day.

You brush your teeth, take a shower, prepare food. . . So many things!

To make it easier to understand, the students were asked to think about it in terms of a 500 ml bottle.

"How many bottles do you think it takes for everyone in your house to brush their teeth in one day?"

Some students said 100 or 50 bottles, but the answer was surprisingly 12!

"How many bottles do you think it takes to fill up your bath?"

This time the students were ready and shouted out "ten thousand" or "one million"! But the answer was. . .

4,000 bottles! (゜o゜)

After all that hard work discussing, they were ready for an experiment!

When they combined baking soda, food coloring and vinegar. . .

The container overflowed!! (´。✪ω✪。`)

The students were very surprised and excited about this experiment, and they loved being able to mix everything by themselves!

What will they learn about next~?

Stay tuned! ヾ ^_^♪
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