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Hello today from our baby class~!

Last week was Doll's Day here at the school and we had a special presentation from one of our teachers!

In order to tell the story of the Lord (お内裏様) and Princess (お雛様), the teachers used some hand puppets that would make it a fun interaction for our students!

Then it was time to make our own! Every student made their own set of Lord and Princess decorations that were hung up in their room.

First they put small, circular stickers on a cut out of their faces - what great practice for their fingers! (≧◡≦)

Then, using a coffee filter, a pen and some water they were able to design the kimono that the Lord and Princess would wear. Every single one was unique, and the students had a lot of fun creating them!

How beautiful! The teachers helped with putting everything together, but this activity was great practice for our students as they prepare to move up into the Nursery class next month!

After all that hard work, they were able to celebrate with a delicious lunch specially crafted to celebrate Doll's Day - yummy! (❁´ω`❁)

Happy Doll's Day from our super cute baby class~~!

See you next time!
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