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☆Kinder 2☆


Hello today from our Kinder 2, soon to be Kinder 3 class!

Our students have been enjoying spending time in their new room, and enjoying the spoils of soon to be Kinder 3 students!

There's all sorts of fun toys and even new coloring worksheets! (´◠ω◠`)

Although our students are enjoying all of their new toys, they are busier than ever with their studies in preparation for Kinder 3 life!

They have been working on different hiragana all throughout the year, and today we worked on た、ち、ん and に.


All of our students are excited for the new school year to begin tomorrow, and we are excited to continue to see their growth over a new year!

Stay tuned to see how our new Kinder 3 class does in April!

See you~! ヾ(๑╹ꇴ◠๑)ノ”
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