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Hello today from Kinder 1~!

As our students have gotten older, now they are able to go to places they weren't able to get to before by walking!

For today's adventure, our brave K1 class made it all the way to Nakajima Park while enjoying a sunny day! (^^♪

Our students are professional climbers at this point, and they love showing off their skills! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

"Ready. . . Set. . . Pull!!!"

This park has a lot of equipment for some great photo opportunities.


The K1 students even got to go down a super long slide!

After playing in the sun, the students prepared to head back to the school by taking one last lap around the park - even stopping to take a look at some fish!🐡

As long as we continue to have beautiful, sunny days, our K1 class will keep on exploring new parks!

Stay tuned to see what adventure our students go on next!

See you~! (*^-^*)
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