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☆Kinder 2☆


Hello this week from Kinder 2!

Our Kinder 2 class had the opportunity to help our kitchen staff this week with preparing one of the vegetables that was used in our meals.

The kitchen staff brought out some Mizuna or Japanese potherb mustard, which is similar to arugula.

Using some special scissors, our students were able to cut the root from the leafy greens to get it ready to use in the meal of the day!

Snip, snip, snip. . . (*╹▽╹*)

As our students continue to work with their hands and the scissors at the same time, they get to practice lots of skills that will come in handy for crafts in the future.

Cutting slowly and carefully. . .

Keeping their fingers out of the way of the scissors. . .

Taking turns using the scissors or other tools. . .

And an attention to detail to make sure they didn't miss anything!

Our Kinder 2 students can take on more and more responsibilities as they get older, so we can't wait to see what they do next!

Stay tuned~!
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