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☆Kinder 1☆


Hello today from our Kinder 1 class~!

Our Kinder 1 class has been working very hard on a surprise performance for the rest of the school. . . The Enormous Turnip~!

Everyone first chose what role they would play and colored in a mask of their character of choosing, and then they got to work.

"This enormous turnip won't come out!"

"Come and help!"

It was great to see our Kinder 1 class really becoming their characters for the play! ฅ(ミ・ﻌ・ミ)ฅ

There were mice, who grabbed on to the cat, who grabbed on to the dog, who grabbed on to the niece, who grabbed on to the grandma, who grabbed on to the grandpa, who grabbed on to the turnip and pulled until. . .

It came out! Hurray!  (σ´・ω・)ネェネェ

Once it was finished, everyone enjoyed a delicious turnip soup. Yummy!

See you next time~!
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