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Hello today from the Nursery class~!

This week we had a lot of fun learning about different countries, and even got to do a super fun craft!

Our Nursery students are getting really good at using their fingers independently, so they made sure to just use their pointer finger when doing this craft.

Then, they decorated their Mt. Fuji with some beautiful cherry blossoms!

After they finished, they used their pointer finger again to spread some glue on the back of the rising sun, which they glued firmly on their paper!


Beautiful!! (´◠ω◠`)

After all that hard work, the students sat down to eat a very special lunch - bibimbap from Korea! They were also able to enjoy some watermelon - delicious!

Everyone is doing their best to hold their own spoons and eat on their own. It's great to see how much they have grown since the beginning of the school year!

See you next time~!
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