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☆Kinder 3☆


Hello from our Kinder 3 classroom!

We are currently celebrating International Week, which is a great opportunity for our students to learn about other countries and cultures!

Today we learned about Big Ben in London, England. After looking over several pictures and discussing interesting aspects about it, our students decided to try their hand at making one!

First they chose four of their favorite colors and painted the sky surrounding their image of Big Ben.

"I like sky blue!"

There were lots of interesting combinations of colors, I wonder what they're for?

Wait a minute, what's this? Someone has written in all black over the colorful sky!

Our students got to work with "magic erasers" after they colored in their sky in all black crayon and to their surprise they were able to make some beautiful fireworks appear in the night sky!

Make sure to come look at their beautiful artwork, currently on display in the K3 class!

See you next time~!
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