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☆Kinder 2☆


Hello today from the Kinder 2 classroom! ( ̄ω ̄)/

Thank you everyone for coming to our School Festival last weekend, the students did their absolute best and were able to put on a fantastic performance.

This week, the teachers for Kinder 2 wanted them to reflect on the School Festival and think about how it made them feel.

Our Kinder 2 students broke up into groups and talked about all the different things they did.

"Hmmm. What should I draw?" ( ̄~ ̄;)

"The play was so much fun!" "I loved the dance!"

Using their crayons and a fresh sheet of paper, our students drew their favorite moment from the School Festival and presented it to their team.

Once that was finished, it was time for English class! To tie into our practice with numbers this month, we are reviewing 1 - 100 using the Counting Dance!

This song is a great way for our students to practice their counting while staying active, and it helps them to work on their listening skills too. ヽ(♡‿  ♡)ノ

They have to make sure to listen carefully to the instructions on the song. . .

Pump each arm up!

Now, do arm circles!

Phew! After all that hard work, it was time for a little break. . . With some more counting!

To help reinforce the visual representation of a number, we split up into teams and practiced putting a specific number of bean bags into the hoops.

Our Kinder 2 class had to be careful to listen to the number and count correctly before placing them in the hoop for their team.

Great job!

Stay tuned for what our Kinder 2 class gets up to next!

See you next time. (^_<)〜☆
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