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☆Kinder 2☆


Today, the Kinder 2 class started their English lesson in the way they like best.  Singing, and moving to, “Walk Around the Circle.”

They love this song.  First, a little walking to warm-up, followed up with some galloping.

Then a quick nap.

The ‘legs in the air’ nap seems quite popular, though I can’t speak to the comfort for as soon as they were down it was time to wake up and hop and twirl.

When the warm-up had finished, we moved straight into the “Hello, hello” song.  The children clapped their hands, stamped their feet,

and, when the time came, gave a big hearty “Hello!” to each other.

Great energy.

Next, the children practiced counting to 30.  They still have difficulty with the late teens, but their twenties are very good.

For a game, the children were first asked to arrange themselves into 3 groups. Once arranged they were asked “How many?” and had to count the number of children in their group.

Then, a number of objects were placed on the ground and the groups were given 10 seconds to count them. They had to follow the instructions: ‘Don’t approach the objects’, and ‘Count in English’.

They all did very well, getting a number very close to the big pile’s 22 tiles.  The late teens can be tough.

With the game done, the children went back to sitting together, and practiced introducing themselves.  After a small demonstration from the English instructor, it was the children’s turn.

They went round one-by-one. Some were a little shy and needed encouragement to give a big, loud voice, but all gave their name and age well and got a good round of applause.

After the introductions, it was time for another song.  The “ABC song.”  This is s slightly faster variant of the song the sang last year, but they have taken to it well.  Especially the part where they sing by themselves.

Once the singing was done, we got out the tables, workbooks, and colored pencils.  Today, we were looking at the letter ‘Qq’.

They had to match the letter ‘Qq’ to the quilt, then color the picture.

With that done, the lesson came to an end with the “Goodbye, goodbye” song.  Another good day for the Kinder 2 class, full of laughs, loud saying of hello, and games.  Great job, everyone.
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