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🐮Special Report: School Festival🐷


The big day finally arrived! Our first school festival! And an event that all of the children have practiced very hard for, including those who found it a bit too much on the day.

The Nursery and Pre-Kinder classes performed “Old MacDonald had a Farm” with 6 costume changes!!!

園の様子 園の様子

園の様子 園の様子

And the Kinder class students performed a play of the Three Little Pigs.

園の様子 園の様子

A special “well done!” to our two narrators who did a great job telling the story!

Before, after, and in between the performances, the children played farm animal bowling, herding the cows, throwing apples in baskets, farm animal ring toss, and counting ducks. For each activity they completed they got a sticker, and when they had collected 4 stickers they got a present!



Well done to everyone who performed on Saturday. All of us (NIS teachers and staff) were so proud of you!!

And a big thank you to all of the children’s family and friends who came to support them.

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