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Hello, everyone! This is Pre-kinder. 😎

As the season gets warmer, going outside is a must! 🌞

Today, we'll show you different activities we like doing. 😊

First, we went to a nearby park to play. We brought some toys with us such as buckets, shovels and more. 🏞️

Gathering sand with our toys or simply by our hands were so much fun. The weather was just perfect too. 😎

Also, on some days when the weather is not quite good, we sometimes play indoors. Yet, it's no less fun at all. 😁

All we needed were basins and some newspapers. We ripped the newspapers and made some balls, accessories, costumes and so much more. 🙌

There are a lot of things to enjoy at school. We would like to tell you more about our different activities. May you look forward to our next blog. 😌

That's all for today and see you next time!🤩
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