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☘Baby Class☘



The daily life of NIS is started with morning snacks! Today's menu is  milk and some slice of apple.They like milk and fruits.

They have a morning meeting:singing songs, reading books, calling their names, seeing the weather, and checking the date. When the preschool teacher calls them by their names, they raise their hands.

After their meeting they go to the bathroom and change their diapers. They enjoy washing their hands.

On that day we played with toys in the room.

" Yummy yummy in my tummy! " at lunch time.

Taking a nap!

After getting up they have sweets at 15:00. They might be thinking like this「Hey, you! You have something on your epron!」「Oh, really? What is it? Thanks for telling me!」


These young girls are waiting for their mommy and daddy. They look a little bit sleepy and tired because they have a lot of fun today as well.



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