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Hello, everyone! This is Kinder 1. ♪♪

Today was very bright. ⛅ In order to enjoy the weather, we decided to go to the nearest park. The Sousei River Park is just a few minutes away from school. 🏞️

Everyone was very excited to play tag. 🏃 It was a little challenging to chase others especially our teachers! They could run very fast, but we didn't let them catch us easily. We also ran as fast as we could. 💪

On the other hand, others liked playing with things on the ground. Although, those were only few stones and dirt. But they still enjoyed touching and throwing them. 😆

Some just enjoyed watching the water flow under the grating. 🌊

Running around the park on a sunny day is a very good activity. 🌞 On top of that we can enjoy the beautiful view of the river. 🏞️

That would be all for today. See you next time! 🥳
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