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☘Baby Class☘


We got some new instruments, such as bells, tambourines and castanets. We are very talented babies because we have great rhythm!

On November 16th we held a school festival, the aim was to show our usual English lessons to the children's parents and families. However, they are too young for English lessons yet, so we just attended part of the school festival. We participated in just the singing. On that day, none of came because we felt a little under the weather, but we still had fun with the Nursery class.


Guess what! As we have mentioned before, her grandmother is a seamstress. Because she always tried to take off her apron, her grandmother made it for her. Her smile was the best I've ever seen.


Lately she has grown a lot, and can express herself by nodding and babbling. She is a caring child and wants to take care of her friends. She wants to do things by herself and even help her teacher.

Tada~! Finally, she stoods up by herself!

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