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☘Baby Class☘


They might probably say something like this.「Hey, what's up? Is there something wrong? Are you OK? 」 Thankfully just the three of us get along together.


When they're playing with the NOVA bus I imagine they are thinking, 「Do we need more passengers?」

She was happy to play with new toys.

They like playing with stickers. They concentrate on peeling them off the sheet and sticking them to the blocks.

When they take a walk inside of building, they like trying to put on their shoes by themselves.

They're already looking forward to attending soccer class, but they have to wait until they're Prekinder.

They like this Nursery rhyme「Peekaboo!」

We attended the Prekinder class to join their activities.

They grow so fast!

Comparing them from April last year to now. They've gotten so much bigger.



This is my last blog for the baby's class, and I'd like to thank everybody who has taken the time to share in my experience with the NIS baby class.



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