Interpreting & Translation


Interpretation price list



Price list


  Per interpreter per day
(up to 8 hours)
Per interpreter per half day
(up to 4 hours)
Each additional hour
(over 8 hours)
Sightseeing / attendant
From 35,000 yen From 25,000 yen From 6,000 yen
Business negotiation
From 65,000 yen From 45,000 yen From 9,000 yen
Meeting interpretation / speech
interpretation (consecutive)
From 70,000 yen From 50,000 yen From 11,000 yen
From 95,000 yen From 70,000 yen From 15,000 yen
  • ・A full day of interpreter service is generally eight hours, with an actual interpretation time of up to seven hours,
    or up to four hours for a half day.
  • ・For simultaneous interpretation, two interpreters are used for meetings of up to three hours (with breaks),
    three are used for meetings of up to five hours, and four are used for meetings of up to seven hours.
  • ・For consecutive interpretation (other than sightseeing and business negotiation services), one interpreter is
    used for a half day, and two are used for longer periods.
Preparation fees
For conferences or meetings lasting two days or longer, an amount equivalent to one day of interpretation service is added as a preparation fee. For highly technical content, preparation fees may also apply for conferences lasting less than two days.
When interpreter transportation distances or times are extremely long (over 100 km or two hours), the following fees apply:
  • ・Half day (up to 4 hours) for transportation on days without meetings :
    Half-day interpretation fee x 1/2
  • ・Half day (up to 4 hours) for transportation on days with meetings :
    Half-day interpretation fee x 1/2
  • ・When transportation takes 4 hours or longer, or when the interpreter is secured
    for an entire day on-site :
    Whole-day interpretation fee x 1/2
per diem expenses
  • ・When the interpreter is required to pay the entire amount:25,000 yen/day
  • ・When accommodation fees are paid by the organizer:10,000 yen/day
  • ・When accommodation fees and the cost of three meals per day are paid by the
    organizer, or for single-day interpretation without accommodation:
    5,000 yen/day
Transportation fees
  • ・Express/rapid green car round-trip fares between main JR stations and
  • ・Station JR/subway transportation fares between nearest station to interpreter’s
    home and destination station
  • ・Destination station to/from conference/meeting site taxi fares/bus fares
Cancellation fees
  • ・Cancellation 4 to 7 days before first day of conference :
    30% of quoted price
  • ・Cancellation 2 to 3 days before first day of conference :
    50% of quoted price
  • ・Cancellation day before or on first day of conference :
    100% of quoted price