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🕷Halloween: Day 4!🕷


My favorite thing about Halloween? Was it the trick or treating? Maybe it was afterwards, sitting with my brother and sister as we counted our spoils from the night.


Today, the Kinder students had the chance to learn about some of these Halloween traditions, such as trick or treating. It was also a good time to practice counting. We counted well over 100 pieces of candy. Then the students filled jars. Could they guess how many pieces were inside? Amazingly, they guessed the exact amount!!!
For the Kinder students, there is still one more day remaining in our Halloween Week. I can’t wait to see what costumes the students will wear tomorrow.

For our Nursery and Pre-Kinder students, today was the last day of Halloween Week because of our swimming lessons tomorrow morning.
As with every other day this week, the kids looked wonderful in their costumes!




I especially like the picture of Donald Duck helping his little Jack O’Lantern classmate! Thank you to all the parents and family members for helping make Halloween Week so much fun. We’re already looking forward to next Halloween!

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