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November 29th (Fri): Finally we got snow and we went to a square along the Sosei River. We have just started to walk on the icy road with winter boots this week. We were so happy to have a chance to play with a sledge and to touch the snow.  We sometimes eat it! Oops!  We worry about air pollution influencing rain and snow nowadays, so the snow isn't clean,but  we try putting it into our mouth anyway. it is an important experience for children.


November 27th(Wed): It snowed a little bit, so we went to the Sosei River. We made a snowman. When their teacher made a snowball bigger by rolling it. The children got curious watching it.

We have created our Christmas artwork. There are several steps to completing it. 1. Having paint on our fingers and putting it on the Christmas tree. These dots will be Christmas ornaments.

2. Tearing off a pieces of silver and gold Origami and pasting them on the black paper with glue.

3. Sticking cotton as snow on the bottom of the paper.

We had a lot of fun.


We attended the Prekiner class activity using a parachute. First we hold it low and lift it high before getting under it. It was very exciting!

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