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☘Baby Class☘


We stayed inside the preschool and borrowed a Pre-kinder class. It has tables and chairs so one girl is able to sit on the chair and concentrate on playing, and the other can practice standing up while she plays. She has just started pulling herself up. Actually I guess they like to play while using the desks and chairs.

When the weather isn't good and somebody has had a bad cold, we tend to spend time inside. Our favorite place in this building is the observation space for the swimming pool. No one is there when we go, just smooth clear blue water . We just enjoy looking at the water and sharing time together. We also like the chair because we can climb up and have a seat easily. Usually we don't  go down stairs bu ourselves but sometimes we try doing it by ourselves. At those times we go carefully using our full bodies.


Her hair was getting longer so her mom tired to tie it up. She is usually happy but recently she likes making this face. Can you imagine how fast her face changes? Her legs were so cute. I wonder what kind of dream she's having.

Her legs were so cute and funny. I wonder what kind of dream she sees and I just hope she grows well.

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